Panel: Navigating the Stages of Building a Hardware Company

Author: Erin McDermott | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

On January 30th, 2019, an impressive concentration of hardware pros could be found at Synapse Product Development‘s downtown Seattle office.


Author: Blacklistednews | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Early last month, the security team at Coinbase noticed something strange going on in Ethereum Classic, one of the cryptocurrencies people can buy and sell using Coinbase’s popular exchange platfor

Why Nasdaq’s Bitcoin Index is a Bigger Deal Than Most People Realize

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Publish on: 02/19/2019

On February 11, Nasdaq, the world’s second-largest stock exchange, launched Bitcoin and Ethereum indices to present accurate prices of the two leading crypto assets.

Bitcoin's Emerging Gig Economy

Author: Jefferson Nunn, Contributor, Jefferson Nunn, Contributor | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Bitcoin has an emerging Gig Economy where thousands of workers are earning bitcoin in exchange for work.

Top campaign categories people love to crowdfund

Author: Petar Mikonoss | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

The advent of the internet didn’t just bring us together, it enabled us to better, the things we’ve always done from time immemorial.

Britain could deradicalise Shamima Begum – with compassion | Dawn Foster

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Publish on: 02/18/2019

Many are calling for the Isis recruit to be shown no mercy, but treating at-risk young people as individuals has to be the better pathThe CCTV images of the three teenage girls Shamima Begum, Kadiz

A Vancouver insider's view of the Quadriga meltdown: 'It's kinda devastating'

Author: The Canadian Press | Website:
Publish on: 02/18/2019

"We lost it all in 2018 because of the crypto crash. I know a few people who got out at the right time, but that wasn’t me.”

Op Ed: How Bitcoin’s Protocol of Peace Can End the Nuclear Age

Author: Nozomi Hayase | Website:
Publish on: 02/18/2019

Since it came to life in early 2009, Bitcoin has begun disrupting the world of finance. Over the years, this decentralized digital currency came to mean different things for different people.

Whales: A big threat to the cryptocurrency market

Author: Block Chainerz | Website:
Publish on: 02/17/2019

When you see an immense drop in a coin’s value, people will at times accuse whales. In the realm of bitcoin, there are institutional investors and there are whales.

Technology Forecast: Top 5 Tech Issues in 2019

Author: Natalia Kukushkina | Website:
Publish on: 02/17/2019

As the new 2019 unwinds, there are certain tech issues that will be a priority for resolution. Last year was a rather bad one for tech and some people are concerned that 2019 will be no better.

ISIS Affiliated Website Akhbar al-Muslimin Takes Bitcoin Donations to Make Use of BTC Anonymity - Bitcoin Exchange Guide

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Publish on: 02/17/2019

While crypto has done a lot of good in the world by allowing people to send money at record speeds and removing the monopoly held by large Institutions, there has been a significant number of downs

Most Interesting Crypto Apparel For 2019

Author: Wendy Stokes | Website:
Publish on: 02/16/2019

Cryptocurrencies have had quite an impact on financial institutions and major business as well.

4 Bitcoin Trends Likely to Dominate 2019

Author: Bitcoinist | Website:
Publish on: 02/16/2019

Now is the time when people typically start assessing what the year ahead is likely to bring for various topics and industries. Bitcoin is no different.

Interviews: Ask Social Network CEO and Founder Bill Ottman a Question

Author: msmash | Website:
Publish on: 02/15/2019

As you may have noticed, Facebook is not cool anymore.

Bitcoin Really Is Money, Here's Why

Author: Clem Chambers, Contributor, Clem Chambers, Contributor | Website:
Publish on: 02/15/2019

People say that bitcoin is not money, here's why they are wrong.

What Is Clipper Malware and How Does It Affect Android Users?

Author: Simon Batt | Website:
Publish on: 02/14/2019

On January 8, 2019, we saw the first instance of “clipper malware” on the Google Play store.

Three people are charged after raid shuts down a $17 million dark web mail order drug operation

Author: | Website: Daily Mail
Publish on: 02/14/2019

Detectives executed five search warrants on Thursday at about 11am and arrested three people on New South Wales' South Coast.