Facebook’s ‘Silicon Valley Coin’ Is A Leap Towards Surveillance Capitalism

Author: Emilio Janus | Website: Bitcoinist.com
Publish on: 06/15/2019

The full list of partners working with Facebook to host its new crypto stablecoin has gone public – and already sparked fears of mass data collection.

Redeeming ICOs: Understanding the New DApp System as Explained by ADN’s Einstein

Author: Press Release | Website: Crypto Coins News
Publish on: 06/14/2019

Recent news broke about the publishing of ADN’s official press releases on cryptocurrency news outlets like CoinTelegraph, CCN, and BitcoinMagazine.

Facebook gets big backers for its cryptocurrency

Author: Business Insider | Website: The Times of India
Publish on: 06/14/2019

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Silicon Valley technology giant has enlisted a number of high-profile firms including Uber, MasterCard, Stripe, Visa, and Booking.

Hillicon Valley: Hacker group targeted electric grid | House Democrats press CBP over facial recognition program | Senators offer bill to protect health data | Groups file FCC complaint over carriers' use of location data

Author: Harper Neidig, Olivia Beavers, Emily Birnbaum, Maggie Miller | Website: The Hill
Publish on: 06/14/2019

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