Quantstamp Observes: An Emergent Form of Decentralized Governance in Ethereum Comes Together to Act as a Backstop to Maker -- with Smart Contract Coverage Warranty via Chainproof

Author:  | Website: Yahoo.com
Publish on: 04/03/2020

Quantstamp, a leading blockchain security company, observes an emergent form of decentralized governance while securing the Maker syndicate Backstop Contract.

Ethereum is “Ready to Explode” Despite Nearing a Key Resistance Level

Author: Cole Petersen | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 04/02/2020

Bitcoin saw a notable upswing overnight, which led Ethereum and most other major altcoins to rise in tandem.

Ethereum Price Goes Vertical, Hits $150 in 20% Rally: Factors to Watch

Author: Nick Chong | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 04/02/2020

Following the lead of the stock market, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the rest of the cryptocurrency market have been strongly rallying higher over the past few hours.

Ethereum Founder Tells Bitcoin Dev: BTC Wasn’t Always ‘Digital Gold’

Author: Cointelegraph By Greg Thomson | Website: Cointelegraph.com
Publish on: 04/01/2020

Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, got into a Twitter spat with a Bitcoin developer when he told him the Bitcoin narrative had changed from ‘P2P cash’ to ‘digital gold’