Waves DEX Now Supports Ethereum-Based ERC-20 Tokens

Author: Cointelegraph By Adrian Zmudzinski | Website: Cointelegraph.com
Publish on: 08/25/2019

Waves platform’s built-in decentralized exchange adds support for ERC-20 standard compliant tokens, BTC and ETH to follow soon

Ethereum May Face 20% Pullback as Key Support Level Grows Weak

Author: Cole Petersen | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 08/24/2019

Ethereum and the aggregated crypto market has been closely tracking Bitcoin’s price action over the past week, which has resulted in a choppy trading session for ETH that has ultimately led it to d

Is Ethereum’s tokenization throne at risk? Binance thinks so

Author:  | Website: Yahoo.com
Publish on: 08/23/2019

Binance Research has issued a report claiming that while Ethereum is still the go-to network for token creation, scalability issues put it at a disadvantage.