Advantages Of Using A Blockchain Platform For Researchers

Author: Ryan Kh | Website:
Publish on: 01/17/2020

The blockchain technology is on the rise and will continue to expand its influence in different industries in the coming years.

Mechanical Technology, Inc. (MKTY: Pink Current) | Establishment of New Business Line and Strategic Investment related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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Publish on: 01/17/2020

Get Stock & Bond Quotes, Trade Prices, Charts, Financials and Company News & Information for OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink Securities.

Fidelity’s Digital Asset Business Just Got Its First Customer In Europe. Here’s What It Means For The Blockchain Industry

Author: Alex Kern | Website:
Publish on: 01/17/2020

Fidelity Digital Assets has landed on Europe’s shores.

Ripple-Backed Crypto Wallet BRD Launches Blockchain Toolbox for Enterprise Apps

Author: Daniel Palmer | Website:
Publish on: 01/17/2020

The mobile wallet provider is launching a suite of tools aimed to allow blockchain developers to more easily and cheaply build apps for enterprises.

IoT in 2020: It’s all Coming Together

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Publish on: 01/17/2020

Technology commentators are predicting that 2020 is going to see an acceleration of new tech entering the market including 5G wireless connectivity, blockchain technology (beyond cryptocurrency) an

Blockchain Could Save a Country Billions, Report Says

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Publish on: 01/17/2020

How the UAE adopts the crypto technology could give other nations a template. The post Blockchain Could Save a Country Billions, Report Says appeared first on Chief Investment Officer.

Blockchain Dispute Resolution Firm to List On London Stock Exchange

Author: Cointelegraph By Jack Martin | Website:
Publish on: 01/17/2020

Proof of Trust, a smart contract dispute resolution firm, plans to list on the Main Market of London Stock Exchange

Ripple Blew Serious Cash to Sway US Crypto Regulations, Data Shows

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Publish on: 01/17/2020

Recent information reveals that Ripple spent a significant amount in 2019 to try and shape crypto and blockchain regulations in the US through lobbying.

These are the most in-demand job skills in 2020, according to LinkedIn

Author: Vicky McKeever | Website: CNBC
Publish on: 01/17/2020

Blockchain has topped the list of skills bosses are looking for in employees around the world this year, according to professional social media platform LinkedIn.

Turkish banks switch on digital gold transfer network

Author: Editorial Team | Website:
Publish on: 01/16/2020

Turkish banks have begun the transfer of a cryptocurrency representing physical units of gold via a blockchain platform developed by Istanbul Clearing, Settlement and Custody Bank (Takasban).

Bancor’s Airdrop as First Step to Take Blockchain Out of 1997: Interview

Author: Cointelegraph By Andrey Shevchenko | Website:
Publish on: 01/16/2020

Cointelegraph interviewed Bancor’s Eyal Hertzog and Nate Hindman to learn more about the planned BNT airdrop, DAO transition and the future of crypto

List of top virtual crypto currencies in 2020

Author: (Alicia Phaneuf), Alicia Phaneuf | Website: Business Insider
Publish on: 01/16/2020

This is a preview of The Blockchain in Banking research report from Business Insider Intelligence. Purchase this report.

Criminals laundered $2.8 billion in 2019 using crypto exchanges, finds a new analysis

Author: Mike Orcutt | Website:
Publish on: 01/16/2020

Criminals appear to be laundering an increasing amount of cryptocurrency by moving it to reputable exchanges, according to blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis.

Crypto Banking: Traditional Banking’s Competition or Ally?

Author: Debraj Chatterjee | Website:
Publish on: 01/16/2020

A few buzzwords that you may hear or come across on the internet in one form or the other are AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain, cryptocurrencies. What do you understand by cryptocurrency?

Making green energy more trusted—with the same tech that keeps cryptocurrency safe

Author: dzanemorris | Website: Fortune
Publish on: 01/16/2020

The maker of leading cryptocurrency 'wallets' is now applying its technology to putting reliable data on blockchains.

Let’s Imagine. What if Plaid Was Acquired by a Blockchain Company?

Author: William Mougayar | Website:
Publish on: 01/16/2020

A couple of days ago, Plaid, a fast growing FinTech company that lets users connect their bank accounts to a variety of financial services, announced that it was being acquired by Visa for $5.3B.

How J.P. Morgan And Fidelity Could Leverage Blockchain To Modernize Financial Services

Author: Biser Dimitrov, Contributor, Biser Dimitrov, Contributor | Website:
Publish on: 01/16/2020

Large enterprises like J.P. Morgan, Fidelity and ICE are looking into using multi-party computations for a new breed of financial services business models.

Bitcoin’s Share of PoW Mining Rewards Now Above 80%

Author: Omkar Godbole | Website:
Publish on: 01/16/2020

Rewards received by bitcoin miners form a major chunk of the salaries paid across major proof of work (PoW) blockchains, according to Yassine Elmandjra, a cryptocurrency analyst from ARK Invest.

$1.4B in illicit Bitcoin was laundered via Binance and Huobi last year, report says

Author: David Canellis | Website: The Next Web
Publish on: 01/16/2020

Blockchain researchers traced $2.8 billion in illicit Bitcoin believed to be laundered on cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019 — with over 50 percent ($1.4B) washed through major trading hubs Binance a

The 10 most important skills you'll need to nail a high-paying job in 2020

Author: Allana Akhtar | Website: Business Insider
Publish on: 01/16/2020

LinkedIn released their annual list of the top 10 hard skills that will be in demand this year.

WisdomTree’s Investment In Securrency May Be A Game Changer For Blockchain In Financial Services.

Author: Ben Jessel, Contributor, Ben Jessel, Contributor | Website:
Publish on: 01/16/2020

A week ago on January 7th, WisdomTree Investments Inc a provider of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Exchange Traded Products (ETP) and asset management services announced its strategic investment in b

First Private Bank Joins Turkey’s Digital Gold Blockchain Network

Author: Emilio Janus | Website:
Publish on: 01/16/2020

Garanti BBVA has announced that it is the first and only private bank to join Turkey’s digital asset blockchain network.