Vivin Cryptomining Malware Using Pirated Software to Infect Victim Computers

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Publish on: 01/24/2020

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#cybersecurity | hacker | Vivin’s cryptomining campaign enters third year of activity

Author: Angela Dennis | Website:
Publish on: 01/23/2020

When it Cyber Security Alert comes to cybercrime one does not necessarily have to be good to be successful as is being demonstrated by the cryptomining campaign Vivin.

Cryptomining Malware Vivin Uses Pirated Software as Attack Vector

Author: Silviu STAHIE | Website:
Publish on: 01/23/2020

Vivin, a cryptomining malware that likes munching on Monero, is one of the many examples of such software roaming the dark corners of the Internet.

Has Quebec Missed the Ship for Attracting Cryptocurrency Miners?

Author: Cointelegraph By Jack Martin | Website:
Publish on: 01/23/2020

An uncertain regulatory regime regarding power distribution in Quebec has apparently drove crypto mining firms out of the province