‘Gravity’s a B*tch’: BitMEX CEO Mocks Crypto Firms for Failure of ‘Poo Poo’ ICOs

Author: Conor Maloney | Website: Crypto Coins News
Publish on: 01/16/2019

The research team at BitMEX exchange has released a report in collaboration with TokenAnalyst which reveals that various ICO teams in 2018 gifted themselves a grand total of $24.2 billion worth of

ICOs Raked in $13 Billion Despite 90% ETH Price Drop, New Research Finds

Author: Esther Kim | Website: Bitcoinist.com
Publish on: 01/16/2019

ICOs made almost $13 billion in profits from their token sales despite the 2018 cryptocurrency bear market, new research from BitMEX reveals.

Malaysia to Jail Illegal ICO and Crypto Exchanges Operators for 10 Years

Author: Davit Babayan | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 01/16/2019

Running an unregistered crypto exchange or an initial coin offering (ICO) in Malaysia could land the operator in jail for a maximum of 10 years.

Global blockchain unicorn Bitfury launches music business

Author:  | Website: Channelnewsasia.com
Publish on: 01/16/2019

Global blockchain company The Bitfury Group, valued recently at US$1 billion, announced on Wednesday the launch of a music and entertainment division that will create an open-source music platform

Weak year ahead for TSMC

Author:  | Website: Digitimes.com
Publish on: 01/15/2019

Rising chip demand for data centers, AI and IoT applications will still fail to offset the impact of falling demand for Apple's iPhones and other smartphones on 2019 revenues at Taiwan Semicon

European Banking Regulators Call for Unity in Crypto Regulations

Author: Jimmy Aki | Website: Bitcoinmagazine.com
Publish on: 01/15/2019

Last week, two of the largest banking regulators within the European Union released reports calling for uniformity in the regulations of crypto assets and Initial Coin offerings (ICOs) across the c

Nicolas Maduro raises minimum wage in Venezuela to $6 per month

Author:  | Website: Upi.com
Publish on: 01/15/2019

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced a 300 percent increase to the minimum monthly salary -- to the equivalent of a few dollars per month.

The Marshall Islands is Getting Serious About Its SOV Cryptocurrency

Author: Christina Comben | Website: Bitcoinist.com
Publish on: 01/15/2019

A usual reaction when looking for innovation centers is to turn to Silicon Valley, Tokyo, or New York.

Venezuelan presidents calls Brazilian president a modern Adolf Hitler

Author: https://www.facebook.com/DailyMail | Website: Daily Mail
Publish on: 01/14/2019

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday called Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro a modern Adolf Hitler.

Maduro offers few fresh ideas as Venezuela’s economy circles the drain amid seven-digit inflation

Author: No Author, No Author | Website: Japantimes.co.jp
Publish on: 01/14/2019

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro kicked off his new term with a state-of-the-nation speech on Monday but offered little in the way of fresh proposals to...

Venezuela's Maduro offers few fresh ideas as economy circles drain

Author:  | Website: Channelnewsasia.com
Publish on: 01/14/2019

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was set to announce new economic measures on Monday after starting a disputed second term in office last week, although economists expect few major changes as th

Venezuela's Maduro hikes minimum wage as economy struggles

Author: Al Jazeera | Website: Al Jazeera English
Publish on: 01/14/2019

President Nicolas Maduro raised the minimum wage by 300 percent, the first hike this year.

"Not My President": Basically Everyone Now Knows Venezuela Is A Dictatorship

Author: Kenneth Rapoza, Contributor, Kenneth Rapoza, Contributor https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/ | Website: Forbes.com
Publish on: 01/13/2019

Brazil's new government and Catholic leaders in Venezuela say Nicolas Maduro's new six-year term is a joke; don't recognize him as president.

Crypto Goes Narcos as Escobar Estate Launches New Stablecoin ICO

Author: Martin Young | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 01/13/2019

The late Pablo Escobar is infamous for a number of reasons but crypto has not been among them, until now.

The founder of a $75 million crypto fund shares the top trends he's watching in 2019

Author: Madeline Shi | Website: Business Insider
Publish on: 01/12/2019

The crypto market was in tumult last year, but that doesn't mean it's all doom and gloom.

Will STOs (security token offerings) rule over ICOs in 2019?

Author: Aashish Sharma | Website: Hackernoon.com
Publish on: 01/12/2019

We have been studying the growth of digital technology with the stretching time. There was a time only a few knew about Bitcoin, and now…