What Will It Take to Regulate Crypto Exchanges?

Author:  | Website: Yahoo.com
Publish on: 05/26/2019

Regulation is needed to maintain neutrality among exchanges, but it might not be around the corner, argues Konstantinos Stylianou.

Facebook Taps Winklevoss Twins, Coinbase to Help Build Massive Cryptocurrency Project

Author: Sam Bourgi | Website: Hacked.com
Publish on: 05/25/2019

Facebook’s plan to launch a global cryptocurrency is bigger than initially believed.

Facebook held talks with Winklevoss twins over new cryptocurrency

Author: Hannah Murphy, Philip Stafford | Website: Latimes.com
Publish on: 05/24/2019

Facebook’s vaulting ambition to create a new global digital currency has led it to hold talks with some of the nation’s largest trading houses and cryptocurrency exchanges, sources say, including o

Infographic: An Overview of Compromised Bitcoin Exchange Events

Author: Bitcoin Magazine | Website: Bitcoinmagazine.com
Publish on: 05/24/2019

The purpose of this infographic is to visualize the size of large cryptocurrency hacks that have occurred in the past as if they all happened today.