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QAN Releases New eBook Detailing Energy Efficient Blockchain Protocol

Author:  | Website:
Publish on: 12/10/2019

TALLIN, Estonia, Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- QAN, the quantum-resistant blockchain platform, has released a clarifying and helpful ebook describing their Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) protocol. Designed to mitigate the massive energy consumption of Bitcoin and …

Why There Remains a Case For a $4,200 Bitcoin (BTC) in 2020

Author: Nick Chong | Website:
Publish on: 12/10/2019

Over the past few days, Bitcoin (BTC) has shown signs that the bottom is in. For instance, prominent trader Filb Filb noted in a recent newsletter that the cryptocurrency bounced off the “miner’s bottom,” the price at which the average cryptocurrency breaks e…

Author: Yessi Bello Perez | Website: The Next Web
Publish on: 12/10/2019

Police in Brazil have busted a purported Bitcoin investment scheme that allegedly stole $359 million (1.5 million reais) from victims. According to a statement issued by the Paraná state government, state police shut down the unnamed operation and arrested ni…

Bitcoin Looks South After Strong Rejection Above $7,600

Author: Omkar Godbole | Website:
Publish on: 12/10/2019

Are bitcoin sellers back in control? The cryptocurrency is flashing red after a strong rejection above $7,600.

Ethereum Google Searches Near Record Lows

Author: Ali | Website:
Publish on: 12/10/2019

Ethereum saw a major reduction in Google searches in the last few months, attracting less attention than ever before. Ethereum Less Popular Now Than When it Was $20 Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is going through an interesti…

BTSE Exchange Plans $50M Token Raise on Blockstream’s Ethereum Rival Liquid

Author: Ian Allison | Website:
Publish on: 12/09/2019

If successful, the offering could help put bitcoin sidechains back on the map as an alternative to ethereum for launching assets.

Dev says MakerDAO attackers could turn $20M in Ethereum into $340M almost instantly

Author: Yessi Bello Perez | Website: The Next Web
Publish on: 12/09/2019

A software developer claims to have found a way in which to make an “incredibly profitable” but “expensive” attack to steal all the Ethereum available in MakerDAO. Micah Zoltu described the potential attack in a blog post published on Monday, noting a success…

Bitcoin And Crypto Market Rising: BCH, Litecoin, EOS, XLM Analysis

Author: Aayush Jindal | Website:
Publish on: 12/08/2019

The total crypto market cap is slowly rising and it is currently near the $200.0B resistance. Bitcoin price is up close to 2% and it is now trading above the $7,500 resistance. Litecoin (LTC) price is now trading above $45.00, but it is still facing a lot of …

Despite Rising Ripple Transaction Volume, Analyst Says XRP Still Incredibly Weak

Author: Cole Petersen | Website:
Publish on: 12/09/2019

XRP – the digital token closely associated to FinTech company Ripple – has had a rough couple of years, plummeting from highs of over $3.00 in early-2018 and finding itself caught within a firm downtrend that has persisted throughout all of 2018 and 2019. Alt…