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Google Introduces Bitcoin Symbol on iOS Keyboards

Author: Julio Gil-Pulgar | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Google now enables the Bitcoin symbol on keyboards for iOS mobile devices, suggesting that the IT giant recognizes Bitcoin as a mainstream currency. Google’s Legitimization of Bitcoin Users of iOS mobile devices can now use the capital letter serif B, travers…

Bitcoin Price Skyrockets, But BTC Faces Growing Resistance Around $4,000

Author: Cole Petersen | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Bitcoin has been able to maintain its upwards momentum that it incurred a few days ago and BTC has now pushed up to $4,000. This upwards price move has been fueled by a surge in trading volume, but one analyst is now importantly noting that trading volume ove…

Billionaire Bitcoin Bull Tim Draper Has a Wild 5-Year Prediction for Cash and Crypto

Author:  | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Tim Draper has been one of Bitcoin’s most enthusiastic proponents. He was steadfast in his optimism even when other finance gurus thought he was crazy for giving the new-fangled crypto the time of day. Forgetting about the naysayers, Draper became about $89 m…

Bets on Declining Bitcoin Price Drop to 6-Month Low

Author: Sam Ouimet | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

The amount of money in bitcoin short positions on Bitfinex dropped 28 percent since yesterday to reach a 6-month low.

Top Ethereum Developer Afri Schoedon Just Rage-Quit

Author:  | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Afri Schoedon, a long-time Ethereum contributor, abruptly quit working on the second-largest cryptocurrency. A few days ago, Schoedon tweeted a meme that said “Polkadot delivers what Serenity ought to be. Change my mind.” The meme raised ire on Reddit, and th…

Ethereum Mining Pool Receives Mysterious $300K Blockchain Payout

Author: Christine Kim | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Cryptocurrency mining pool Sparkpool received a payout today of over $300,000 for mining one block on the ethereum blockchain.


Author: Blacklistednews | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Early last month, the security team at Coinbase noticed something strange going on in Ethereum Classic, one of the cryptocurrencies people can buy and sell using Coinbase’s popular exchange platform. Its blockchain, the history of all its transactions, was un…

Why Nasdaq’s Bitcoin Index is a Bigger Deal Than Most People Realize

Author:  | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

On February 11, Nasdaq, the world’s second-largest stock exchange, launched Bitcoin and Ethereum indices to present accurate prices of the two leading crypto assets. Nasdaq’s Bitcoin Index a Likely Precursor to Crypto Investment Products According to cryptocu…

Litecoin Massively Outperformed Bitcoin Since November Sell-Off By 4x

Author: Davit Babayan | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Investors who purchased Litecoin during the significant November 2018 sell-off earned four times more returns than the investors who bought Bitcoin, highlighted Joe McCann. The financial expert, who serves as the head of systematic trading at crypto asset man…

What Caused EOS to Surge 30%, Flip Litecoin and Lead Today’s Crypto Rally?

Author: Martin Young | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Following yesterday’s positive start to the week crypto markets have continued to rally adding another $8 billion to total market capitalization. Ethereum started the run but EOS is today’s moon shot as it surges 30%. EOS Top Performer in Top 100 EOS has been…

Crypto Market Adds $10B: Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash, Tron (TRX), XLM Price Analysis

Author: Aayush Jindal | Website:
Publish on: 02/18/2019

The total crypto market cap added more than $10.0B recently and broke the $130.0B resistance. Litecoin (LTC) price gained momentum and broke the $45 and $47 resistance levels. Bitcoin cash price rallied close to 15% and tested the $150 resistance area. Tron (…

Bitcoin And Ethereum Prices Follow Litecoin’s Sudden Surge

Author: Michelle Jones | Website:
Publish on: 02/18/2019

The Litecoin price, Bitcoin price and Ethereum price all surged dramatically on Friday, adding billions of dollars in value to the cryptocurrency‘s market capitalization. Litecoin led the way with a dramatic 30% early in the day, and then bitcoin followed […]…

CEO of Japanese Finance Giant SBI Vests His Crypto Industry Hopes in Ripple and R3

Author:  | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO and representative director of Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings, has singled out Ripple (XRP) and blockchain consortium R3 as reasons to remain optimistic about the future of the crypto industry — bear market notwithstanding…

NUS joins Ripple's University Blockchain Research Initiative

Author:  | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

The National University of Singapore (NUS), the oldest higher education institution in the city-state and among the best in the world, announced recently that it has joined the University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), an international programme found…

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple's XRP, And EOS Soar As Markets Add $12 Billion--Here's Why

Author: Billy Bambrough, Contributor, Billy Bambrough, Contributor | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Bitcoin bears have been in retreat this week as crypto bulls send the bitcoin and wider cryptocurrency market higher by some $10 billion in less than 48 hours...

Bitcoin To Break Five Consecutive Months of Losses. What Is Behind The Move?

Author: Naeem Aslam, Contributor, Naeem Aslam, Contributor | Website:
Publish on: 02/18/2019

The upcoming ten days are very important for the Bitcoin price, they could change the trend which has been in place for the past five months. Fundamentals are changing and it doesn't matter if JPMCoin is better than Ripple's XRP token.

Will Security Token Offerings Be The Future Of Raising Money?

Author: Jonathan Chester, Contributor, Jonathan Chester, Contributor | Website:
Publish on: 02/19/2019

Over $22 billion have been raised from ICOs since 2017. While the ICO fad has faded, companies and investors alike are gearing up for the next big blockchain powered fundraising method, the Security Token Offering. Will you be ready?

Bitcoin Aside, After ICO's Are STO's The Everyman's IPO?

Author: Roger Aitken, Contributor, Roger Aitken, Contributor | Website:
Publish on: 02/18/2019

After the huge surge of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in 2018, which raised billions of dollars and witnessed a subsequent slowdown amid a fair few scams and failed projects, could STOs (Security Token Offerings) be game changing and the new kid on the block …

Survey: 41% of Institutional Investors to Invest in ICOs Within Five Years

Author:  | Website:
Publish on: 02/15/2019

According to a survey of institutional investors conducted by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), 19 percent believe that digital assets will be regularly invested in and traded by 2021. The results of the survey were shared with Cointelegraph on F…