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Bitcoin Closing Beneath One Crucial Level Could Decimate Altcoins

Author: Cole Petersen | Website: Bitcoinist
Publish on: 07/14/2020

Bitcoin flashed some subtle signs of weakness yesterday that sent shockwaves throughout the cryptocurrency market This caused many major altcoins to shed a significant amount of their value, putting at least a temporary end to the intense market-wide uptrend …

What It’s Really Like to Live on Bitcoin in the Middle East

Author: Leigh Cuen | Website: CoinDesk
Publish on: 07/14/2020

The story of a Syrian migrant in Iraq shows how bitcoin can work as intended – as a global currency that transcends borders.

From DeFi to Bitcoin Casinos, 2020’s dApps Are Going from Strength to Strength

Author: jessicasmith | Website: newsBTC
Publish on: 07/14/2020

The latest Dapp Digest highlights an undeniable truth: the world of decentralized applications is growing fast. And it’s only set to intensify with the forthcoming launch of TRON 4.0, which will introduce cross-chain interoperability and customized blockchain…

Bitcoin and Gold Neck and Neck In Two-Year Safe Haven Arms Race

Author: Tony Spilotro | Website: newsBTC
Publish on: 07/14/2020

After two full years of price action, Bitcoin and gold are neck and neck in terms of return on investment. However, during the same time period, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap experienced wild price swings while gold stayed stable and steady. Has th…

Blockchain Bites: Chainlink’s Interest, Ethereum’s ‘ReGenesis’ and Crypto Taxes

Author: Daniel Kuhn | Website: CoinDesk
Publish on: 07/14/2020

Retail interest in Chainlink is booming, Ethereum may follow Cosmos on its path to upgrade and the U.K. central bank is mulling a CBDC.

Five Years On, Ethereum Really Is the ‘Minecraft of Crypto-Finance’

Author: Camila Russo | Website: CoinDesk
Publish on: 07/14/2020

The Ethereum community has delivered on many of its promises, says the author of a new book charting the blockchain's early history.

Data Says HODL! People Are Trading Ethereum (ETH) More, Bitcoin Less

Author: Cointelegraph By William Suberg | Website: Cointelegraph
Publish on: 07/14/2020

Exchange balances for ETH and BTC move in opposite directions in a new insight into investor sentiment.

Camila Russo on Ethereum and the Future of the Internet

Author: Keen On | Website:
Publish on: 07/14/2020

The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically disrupting not only our daily lives but society itself. This show features conversations with some of the world’s leading thinkers and writers about the deeper economic, political, and technological consequences of the…